1. Treat students, organisers and other NAPSA NSW/ACT members with respect
2. Do not allow personal relationships to affect professional relationships
3. Refrain from all forms of harassment
4. Refrain from acting in any way that would unfairly harm the reputation and career prospects
of other NAPSA NSW/ACT members or students
5. Be prepared to report any suspected fraud, corrupt, criminal or unethical conduct to an
appropriate officer of the NAPSA NSW/ACT Executive Committee
6. Consider the impact of decisions on the well-being of others
7. Members are responsible for being aware of Federal Privacy Legislation related to collecting
personal information from prospective students, and are responsible for acting in
accordance with such legislation.


1. All NAPSA NSW/ACT members should take suitable measures to avoid inappropriate
dealings with other NAPSA NSW/ACT members or students. In particular, NAPSA NSW/ACT
should avoid situations, which may require them to supervise or assess a student, or other
members, in which they have, or have had, a personal or commercial relationship.
2. All NAPSA NSW/ACT members should take suitable measures to avoid conflict situations
when representing their institution at marketing events and/or meetings.


1. It is inappropriate to say anything derogatory or otherwise offensive about other
Universities or other Registered Training Providers. It is also inappropriate to interrupt
or interfere in a conversation between a representative from another organisation and a
prospective student.
2. It is inappropriate for representatives to stand in places other than behind their table in
their allocated space.
3. If you cannot help the student who has requested information for you, then you should
refer them onto another University or Private Provider who offers that program.
4. No NAPSA NSW/ACT members are allowed to organise private interviews whilst a
market is being held. Interviews must take place outside of market hours.
5. Any unusual requirements should be made known to the organisers prior to the market.
This also includes space issues. You are not to inform the organiser at the market.
6. NAPSA NSW/ACT members must be set-up and ready to start at least 15 minutes prior
to the markets commencing and the students arriving.

7. NAPSA NSW/ACT members are required to remain until the advertised time of the
market concludes
8. A professional manner is to be conducted at all times. Your primary role is to assist in
providing quality information to students. Hence you should not read newspapers,
magazines or non-work related material whilst students are waiting to obtain
information for you.
9. Etiquette dictates that mobile telephones should be switched off or placed on silent
whilst dealing with students. If you need to answer or make a telephone call, you should
ask another NAPSA NSW/ACT member to stand in for you at your display stand whilst
dealing with the telephone call.